Monday, June 14, 2010

Five things you can do with a vuvuzela

1. Send them to Afghanistan and Waziristan. They can drive the Taliban out of their mountain caves

2. Gift them to your real estate agent before a purchase. He gets people to blow them. Prices fall. You buy.

3. Send it to your HR manager for use in office parties. You can report sick the next day, and they will understand.

4. Use it as a flower vase and offer it to sweetheart. Never has love and blackmail been combined so well.

5. Blow it in Lucknow. And hope like hell the statues will break


  1. 1.Use it when u are interviewed by Arnab
    2.Use it on ur facebook account in place of unlike button
    3.Place it at PizzaHut , u blow when the service sucks
    4.Let MPs use in parliament , save them trouble of walking out