Saturday, October 9, 2010

Endhiran: Kyunki Hollywood Bhi Kabhi Kodambakkam Thi

Endhiran: A wonderful effort.
I fell for the first half, but quite sure the money is being made from the second.
Freudian psychology and Darwinian perspective wrapped in post-Asimovian sci-fi narrative with special effects razzmatazz curated specially with Tamil Nadu's feudo-democratic sensibilities.
I am afraid the magic of Vairamthu's lyrics and Sujatha's dialogues must be wholly lost in translation for those who watch it as "Robot" --much like the humanoid without human emotions that is the heart of the movie.
Special mention for a satirical interlude, where Rangusky, a mosquito gangleader, demands National Bird status!
Watch out dear Hollywood, here comes Kodambakkam.

Friday, October 8, 2010

These Are A Few of My Favourite Things..the CWG version

(To be sung to the tune of These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things from "The Sound of Music" - inspired by Abhinav Dhar's comment)

Balloons and rubbers
Looters and scrubbers

Aerostat helium
Cheering the stadium
Medals and muddles

Faux-pas and thrills
These are a few of mah favourite things!

And we mess up and we excel
nd we cheer'em all
And we look at all these things

Oh what a Games we have heeeeeeeere.

Sheila and Suresh

Gagan and Bindra

Jamaicans and Scots
And tickets unbought
Thullas and aunties

Then volunteeeers
These are a few of mah CWG things

And we dress up and we go there,

We tell neighbours that we've done that
Simply being Indians we are
Oh what a Games we have heeeeeeeeeeere